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Youth Villages offers social services professionals numerous different settings to help children and families. Learn a little more about each the types of careers opportunities available in our programs:

In-home intensive services
Youth Villages offers a form of intensive in-home services (Intercept or MST) in virtually all of our locations we serve. Our in-home specialists have small caseloads – four to six families – so they can work intensively with each case. Specialists visit each home multiple times each week at times convenient for child’s parents and focus their therapy on family issues. They also help families resolve issues in the school and neighborhood. Therapy lasts from three to nine months, depending on the needs of the family.

  • To search and apply for current in-home opportunities, please visit our application portal.

Residential services
Youth Villages provides residential treatment for children and youth with serious emotional and behavioral problems through multiple campuses and group homes. Staff members work with a small group of children, of similar ages, who have similar problems, providing direct care including recreation, teaching life skills and appropriate behaviors, as well as providing individual, group and family therapy. These opportunities are available in Memphis, Nashville and Linden, Tenn.; Douglasville, Ga. (Atlanta metro); and Arlington, Mass. (Boston metro).

  • To search and apply for current residential opportunities, please visit our application portal.

Youth Villages’ LifeSet specialists provide an essential role in the lives of youth preparing to “age out” of foster care and young adults who have already “aged out.” Young people aging out of state custody are at extreme risk of poverty, homelessness or institutionalization without help. Our LifeSet specialists work with youth aged 17 through 21, helping them secure affordable housing, obtain health care, continue their educations and find jobs. Each counselor handles eight to 10 cases concurrently. These positions are offered from numerous offices in the Southeast and New England.

  • To search and apply for current LifeSet opportunities, please visit our application portal.

Foster care
In Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, Youth Villages provides foster care services. Opportunities in this program include recruiters and trainers who work to identify and develop prospective foster parents and counselors who work with each child to resolve issues so that the child can be quickly reunited with parents or relatives. Counselors work in schools and classrooms to help children resolve academic issues. They coordinate with state case managers and accompany children to court sessions when needed. If a child’s plan does not call for reunification, child counselors work with adoption staff to help the child achieve permanency through a caring adoptive home.

To search and apply for current foster care opportunities, please visit our application portal.

In Tennessee, Youth Villages partners with the Department of Children’s Services to find permanent homes for the children in our care who cannot safely return home or who need a forever home. Youth Villages’ adoption specialists help place foster children with adoptive families. They work closely with the child, adoptive parents, DCS, the courts and the foster care counselor to ensure a successful transition.

To search and apply for current adoption opportunities, please visit our application portal.

Specialized crisis services (SCS)
In Tennessee, Youth Villages’ crisis counselors provide assessment and evaluation of children under the age of 18 who are experiencing a psychiatric emergency. Counselors respond to emergency calls, going into homes, schools, hospitals, residential and detention centers. They evaluate the child’s need for services and make appropriate referrals. Counselors work specific shifts and answer calls in particular geographic locations throughout the state of Tennessee.

  • To search and apply for current specialized crisis opportunities, please visit our application portal.

Youth Villages offers home-based services through MYPAC: Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock, a program of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid. MYPAC provides wraparound services to ensure that the families have access to resources and supports. Primary service coordinators help to empower the families by building support teams while mental health therapists provide clinical intervention through individual and family therapy.

  • To search and apply for current MYPAC opportunities, please visit our application portal.

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