The Millers Answer a Calling

Fostering is something John and Melissa Miller were meant to do. They knew it. So they explored fostering with Youth Villages, completed their training, and waited to see what the future would bring.

The future brought Kristin, a 12-year-old girl who– from the age of two–had been exposed to domestic violence, sexual abuse, and drug addiction. She was just completing a year of treatment and counseling at a Youth Villages residential center, and was ready for a foster home.

A lot of potential foster parents are nervous about taking on kids with emotional needs, and the Millers were no exception. “We didn’t know what to expect as new foster parents,” Melissa says, “But Kristin captured our hearts. By the end of our first weekend together, we couldn’t imagine life without her. The timing was meant to be.”

John and Melissa signed an intent to adopt as quickly as possible. Eight days later, the adoption was finalized. “Being Kristin’s mother feels like I am fulfilling my calling,” Melissa says. “John and I find pure joy in providing the love and support she has always deserved.”

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