The Moodys Teach the Little Things

Brandi and Brandon Moody were nervous at first about becoming foster parents, but when their foster son arrived everything fell into place. The Moody’s realized that a big part of foster parenting is simply teaching the child the little things that lead to success and independence.

“As a foster family we’ve been able to teach the boys so much,” Brandi says. “Things like changing the oil in the car, mowing the lawn, budgeting, hygiene skills, cooking… and also remembering that he’s a kid and should let loose and have fun!”

Today, Brandon finds a real reward in hearing their foster son (now adopted) call a business on the phone and, speaking politely and clearly, ask for what he needs. “We worked on this for so long,” he says, “speaking up in restaurants, being assertive in public–just having a voice and being heard!”

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