The Jennings Get Their Big Family

After their faith, there’s nothing Ryan and Candace Jennings value more than family. They credit much of who they are to the love and support of their parents and step-parents, and are building their own family with their son Hayden, who is now five.

But the Jennings knew they were meant to be a bigger family, and their hearts were open to letting that dream come true through fostering and adoption. Then they met Wes, age 5, and Keely, age 6–a pair of siblings who had never met their birth mother. All three Jennings fell in love with Wes and Keely immediately, and they adopted the pair soon after.

Now numbering five, the Jennings family then did just what you’d expect. They opened their hearts to a foster child. Being a family of six has been everything they dreamed. “The kids have grown and learned so much in the past months,” Candace says. “They have learned how to love, how to be loved, how to be good siblings, and how to be a part of a big family.”

Wes and Keely also learned something extra special from their brother Hayden–a word that melted Candace’s heart the first time they said it. “The first time they called me ‘Mommy’ is a day I will never forget, and it is always a blessing, no matter how many times I hear them say it.”

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