Paidia’s Place Group Home

Paidia’s Place, located in a quiet, wooded neighborhood off a busy street just outside of Memphis, provides housing and counseling to teenage girls ages 14 and up who have completed residential treatment but are not yet ready to move back home or to live with a foster or adoptive family.

The group home allows these young women to transition to public school and learn first job skills through a job in the community. As with all the youth living in our group homes, Paidia’s Place residents participate in a rotating chores routine, helping with sweeping, mopping, washing dishes and preparing food.

Life skills training is an integral part of group-home life, teaching teens how to budget, how to safely prepare food, nutrition, dating etiquette and other important independent-living skills.

The two-story home features a large yard and deck for outdoors activities and cooking. The light-filled living room leads to a large kitchen and dining area. Bedrooms are located upstairs, along with a staff bedroom. A staff office also is included.