Rose Center for Girls – Recreation and Activities

For the girls in intensive residential treatment at Youth Villages, every day is highly structured to set clear expectations, reward good behavior and allow girls to settle into a routine.

Between hygiene, school, counseling, meals and free time, life skills activities are a fun way for girls to learn important independent-living skills. Youth Villages staff members devise fun and educational activities based on the girls’ needs. Life skills may include simple health care, how to open a bank account, write a check, how to care for pets, access important community resources, do laundry, as well as nutrition counseling, use the phone book or the Internet and much more.

A wellness program addresses nutrition, fitness, and hygiene needs, is designed to assist each girl to build a positive self-image.

The on-site gym provides girls a place to exercise and improve their physical health through therapeutic recreational exercises led by trained professionals. A workout room is equipped with weights and cardiac exercise machines for girls to use in conjunction with an exercise plan. Besides increasing fitness levels, Youth Villages also aims to help girls gain a positive body image.

Physical exercise, therapeutic group exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques allow girls to become better in tune with their bodies and spirit. Our recreation specialists also act as personal trainers to help girls meet specific fitness goals.

The on-site beauty salon at the center provides the girls a chance to consult with a professional cosmetologist. The cosmetologist will wash and cut the girls’ hair on a regular basis, and help them learn to take care of their skin and nails.