Girls Center Campus Life

The center resembles a contemporary school building and projects a calm but also cheerful feel, with stained concrete floors, brightly painted walls and natural light flooding the hallways, living quarters and sunrooms. Located near the lake on the Youth Villages Bartlett, Tenn., Campus, the center is surrounded by old-growth trees and beautifully landscaped flower beds.

Comfortable, spacious living quarters organized into four distinct courtyards are the focus area of the 56,000 square feet of secured space available for girls at the center. Each courtyard accommodates 14–16 girls grouped by age, functioning level and diagnosis.

The courtyard is the central room of the girls’ living quarters. It’s where they may spend free time in the afternoons and evenings reading, watching movies or doing other activities. All of the center’s courtyards are equipped with skylights letting in natural light, sturdy couches, chairs and tables with benches attached. Each courtyard leads to bedrooms, bathrooms, and two light-flooded sunrooms, as well as a secure outdoor recreation area.

Girls eat all their meals at the center’s own cafeteria, which was designed to mirror a public school cafeteria to provide children with a feel of normalcy while at Youth Villages. Cafeteria staff accommodate unique dietary needs and work hard to provide girls with healthful, nutritious foods that are satisfying to a child’s palate. Cafeteria staff also provide lighter alternatives to girls who need to lose weight for health reasons.

Pediatricians and licensed nurses oversee the general healthcare needs of the children at the center. In addition, mobile dentists and optometrists visit regularly. Other healthcare professionals are consulted as needed.

A gymnasium, nursing and medical area, salon, chapel, private family meeting rooms and secure outdoor recreational areas contribute to a diverse therapeutic milieu.