Inner Harbour Campus Treatment

We specialize in treating children and adolescents with significant psychiatric illness and impairment in behavioral, cognitive, emotional, familial, and/or social functioning.

A high staff-to-child ratio allows for counselors to pay close attention to each child and provide individual therapy. The goal of treatment is to have children learn new, more positive behavior patterns that will allow them to do well in the community. The ultimate goal is to allow children to return to their families as quickly as possible, whenever possible.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is the treatment model utilized at Inner Harbour. This is a clinical approach for people who are experiencing intense, negative emotions that interfere with their daily lives. These emotions may be expressed outwardly in destructive ways such as angry outbursts, or inwardly by self-destructive behaviors such as suicide attempts, substance abuse, or impulsive actions. The goal of DBT at Inner Harbour is to teach our youth more effective ways to regulate their emotions, deal with distressing situations in their lives, and to improve relationships with the people around them.

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Although admission requirements vary based on the individual program, primarily, we treat hard-to-help, hard-to-place children who have emotional and behavioral problems plus co-occurring medical issues and failed at numerous other programs.

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The campus provides general psychiatric treatment for males and females ages 5-21. Special programs are offered for boys and girls who have:

  • Low IQ (50 and above)
  • Problem sexual behaviors
  • Co-occurring medical conditions
  • Suicidal and self-harming behaviors
  • Aggressive behaviors that are the result of severe emotional problems
  • Chronic runaway behaviors with high risk of harm to self or others
  • Psychotic symptoms and behaviors
  • Significant developmental challenges
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, pervasive developmental disorder NOS, Asperger’s, learning disabilities and organic brain syndrome

Treatment Components:

  • 24-hour nursing care and supervision by a child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • Group, individual and family therapy with master’s-level counselors
  • A highly structured environment
  • A 5:1 staff ratio
  • Brain-based services for children with significant
  • developmental challenges

Admissions approval requires both clinical and financial clearance. Inner Harbour accepts Private Pay and Insurance. Clinical approval requires one or more of the following conditions:

  • Evidence of a DSM-V diagnosable mental disorder.
  • Child or adolescent exhibits behaviors that are dangerous to self or others.
  • There is a history of failed or insufficient inpatient or outpatient treatment efforts or inaccessibility of outpatient treatment.
  • There has been unmanageable behavior in the home environment.
  • There is evidence of severe dysfunction within the community or school system.
  • There is a history of drug abuse or alcohol abuse.
  • There is an absence or collapse of support systems to a degree that requires hospitalization.