Inner Harbour Campus Recreation and Activities

The Youth Villages-Inner Harbour Campus provides residential treatment and a wide range of experiential education activities to boys and girls ages 5-21 who have emotional and behavioral issues, often due to trauma, or who have mental health issues.

Our campus’ experiential education program seeks to provide youth with a variety of adventure-based activities that challenge them physically, mentally and emotionally. Every activity – from therapeutic horsemanship to high ropes courses, canoeing, caving, rock climbing or else – is tied directly to youths’ individual treatment goals to help them learn ways to tackle fears and process traumatic life events, and advance in their treatment.

In addition, our therapists use experiential educational activities in family therapy sessions to help families build or strengthen communications skills, promote mutual trust and support giving and receiving affection. Our ultimate goal is for every child to learn the skills he or she needs to live successfully in the community.

The Youth Villages Inner Harbour Campus provides an ideal setting for outdoor wilderness programs – hiking, caving, climbing and camping – that teach troubled adolescents how to build relationships, trust others, and resolve conflict.

The campus also offers plenty of other recreational opportunities, such as basketball courts, a running track, a sports field, playground, a large ropes course, a lake for canoeing and more.

Experiential therapy is incorporated throughout the campus, breaking through treatment barriers when traditional therapies have not been as effective. Children and adolescents who are referred to Inner Harbour have often been in previous treatment settings and require different strategies to make treatment gains.

Experiential methods help students build positive traits and protective factors such as an increased sense of purpose, pro-social leadership skills, increased interpersonal skills and development of a positive classroom climate. Adventure-based problem-solving activities empower students to develop creativity and insight and then apply these skills to real-life situations and future learning.

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