Inner Harbour Campus Education

Children attend a campus school accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Specially trained teachers weave educational objectives into every activity – both outdoors and in the traditional classroom – in a program specifically designed to help children with profound emotional, social and behavioral problems attain academic success.

The children are assigned to classrooms depending on their educational, emotional and behavioral needs and our teachers nurture intellectual development, academic achievement, and emotional healing through experiential processes designed to focus on all aspects of caring.

Inner Harbour teachers are also trained in the Artful Learning Model. The Leonard Bernstein Center for Learning developed this model to strengthen education on a national level by infusing the arts across all academic subjects.

Our aspiration is to facilitate an integrated curriculum that will guide students in caring for self, intimate others, global others, plants, animals, and the human capacity to create. We believe that by focusing on these aspects of caring, we are truly preparing students for productive lives, present and future.

Our faculty believes that every student is capable of successful achievements in the learning process. Through experience, we have found that many students are resistant and unmotivated as a result of emotional difficulties, differences in learning styles, repeated experiences of failure and feelings of worthlessness. As we encourage students to reflect and evaluate how they learn, they become personally involved in their educational and social experiences.

A major element in transforming student apathy into student engagement is allowing students to make decisions about their learning. This approach creates opportunities for decision-making skills to develop within broad parameters of educational activities. Individualization to meet student needs is addressed within group-oriented projects as well as prescribed skill-building activities.

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