Explorer Society

The Explorer Society is a new opportunity for corporations to get their employees out of the office for one day a year and into the wilderness for teambuilding and personal reflection time at Youth Villages’ beautiful Inner Harbour Campus.

Who can become a member? Any corporation that has an interest in getting their staff involved in a day of off-site experiential learning is eligible to participate.

What are the benefits in joining?
Employees have time for bonding out of the office and get to see the work of Youth Villages through the eyes of the children we serve. After such exercises as the ropes course, African drumming, rock stacking or animal-assisted therapy, the group will hear from our Youth Villages kids. Participants will learn first-hand how these experiential therapies are having a profound impact on helping some of Georgia’s most troubled children heal.

What can groups expect to do during their day at Inner Harbour?
Each event is customized. We work with the companies to identify their goals and design a day best-suited for their needs.

What does the Explorer Society mean to the kids?
The children share what they’re learning and witness the interest that corporations and their employees have in our mission.

What does the Explorer Society mean to Youth Villages?
Spending time on the campus with the kids and taking part in some of the experiential learning programs help excite employees and the corporation as a whole. When employees experience our mission on a personal level, they are more likely to volunteer and offer support.

For information, please contact James Waddey at 404-320-2967 or by email. james.waddey@youthvillages.org . Companies will also see the value in the teambuilding that results and also in the overall satisfaction their employees will gain from the experience. This, in turn, will help build relationships that are meaningful between Youth Villages and the corporate community.