Life on the Dogwood Campus

The Dogwood Campus features individual cottages to accommodate 88 boys and girls with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems.

We group the children by gender, age, diagnosis and functioning level. The 10-12 members of each group live in the same cottage and spend all day together – attending class, eating meals together and participating in activities as a group.

Every cottage includes a community room, bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, a kitchen, laundry room, and an office for the counselors. All bedrooms are equipped with bunk beds and armoires.

Group counseling, life skills activities, homework and free time all take place in a cottage’s community room during afternoons and weekends. There is also plenty of outdoor space for grilling out and picnics.

Nurses are on campus 24/7, and pediatricians and a psychiatrist take care of the children’s health care needs. A mobile dentist and optometrist each visit the campus regularly as well.

Safety is a top priority on our campus. Counselors and night monitors closely watch the children at night, conducting room checks every 15 minutes at a minimum. To ensure the safety and well-being of both our kids and staff, we monitor their behavior 24 hours a day through strategically placed cameras in every building.

Volunteers provide children with a welcome break from their daily routines. Youth Villages works closely with a wide variety of volunteer groups who hold relay races for the children, organize fairs, arts and crafts activities, play sports with them, plant trees, watch movies, carve pumpkins, teach the children how to write checks, balance their checkbooks or other important life skills.