Bartlett Campus Education

The Paul W. Barret Jr. School and Activities Center located on the Bartlett Campus is a state-accredited, state-of-the-art facility, specifically designed to meet the challenges of educating children with emotional and behavioral problems.

The school includes classrooms with observation rooms, counseling rooms, an art center, chapel, library and a computer lab generously donated by Microsoft. The complex also includes an exercise room, gymnasium and swimming pool for recreational therapy.

Special education teachers and teacher-assistants provide individualized assessment and instruction. Classes are small and our teachers focus on helping their students catch up academically and learn proper classroom behavior. Speech and language therapy is available for students with special needs.

A key component of our educational program is enhancing crucial reading skills for all of our children. At a set time every day, children and teachers focus on one single goal – to teach all of our children to read more effectively.

For children with emotional and behavioral problems, art provides an especially important outlet for expressing themselves creatively. All children at Youth Villages’ campus schools participate in art classes. Their artwork is displayed in the school’s hallways and is a point of pride for many children.

The campus also features vocational programs such as “Food with Class.” This voluntary catering program provides teens nearing graduation hands-on work experience and valuable job skills for a possible career in the service industry. Through “Food with Class,” the participants learn to prepare, present and serve food such as gourmet sandwiches, fruit trays, specialty items, and a variety of salads and dessert. The program regularly caters Youth Villages events both on and off campus, and the young people learn about responsibility, having a strong work ethic and how to be professional in a work environment.


Although admission requirements vary based on the individual program, primarily, we treat hard-to-help, hard-to-place children who have emotional and behavioral problems plus co-occurring medical issues and failed at numerous other programs.

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