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Chris Crye Mentoring Program

Become a Mentor for Youth Villages’ Children in Tennessee, Georgia or Massachusetts

Please be sure to read the Pre-Qualify Checklist below before getting started.

Studies show that children who have at least one consistent, caring adult in their lives benefit from:

  • Lower school drop out rate
  • Less trouble with law enforcement
  • Better prepared to build good relationships with their own families
You can become a powerful, positive force in the life of a child with emotional and behavioral problems. Become a mentor and you can do more than just befriend a child in Youth Villages’ care in Tennessee, Georgia, or Massachusetts – you might become the first positive role model that child has ever had.

Right now, hundreds of mentors are actively helping Youth Villages’ children through our programs but many more are needed.

The Application Process

To become a mentor, or to just learn more about our child mentoring program, please complete our online mentoring application and someone from our mentoring staff will contact you.