Memphis – Anaya Partnership

Youth Villages’ Shelby Oaks office in Memphis provides:

5515 Shelby Oaks Dr.
Memphis, TN 38134
phone: 901-320-6100

Anaya Partnernship

Our Shelby Oaks office is home for the Anaya Partnership.

Anaya, a name rooted in the Hebrew language, means “answered prayer.” Families in urban Memphis who are experiencing challenges can receive hope and help – a kind of answered prayer – through the much-needed services of the Anaya Partnership.

The program is a partnership between the Urban Youth Initiative Network and Youth Villages. An example of inner city ministries and social service agencies working together, the Anaya Partnership gives inner city youth and their families the opportunity to receive needed services they might not otherwise get.

Anaya Partnership services include assessment, family counseling services, YVLifeSet services and short-term respite care.

All families referred to the Anaya Partnership receive a thorough assessment to help determine if they can benefit from any of the Anaya services, and if so, which ones. The assessment and all services are free of charge.

Family Counseling Services
Some 83 percent of the young people who have completed our in-home family counseling program continue to be successful in the home. Counselors come into the home multiple times each week and help the child and family address a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems. Parents and other family members are full partners in the process of change, addressing individual, family, peer, school and community issues.

YVLifeSet Services
These services help young people aged 17 to 22 make a successful transition to young adulthood and independent living. In fact, our outcomes are favorable, with 84 percent of our graduates from the YVLifeSet program either enrolled in school, recently graduated and/or currently employed. A YVLifeSet specialist meets with the young person every week, helping him or her continue with education, obtain affordable housing, find and keep a job and take care of health needs.

Short-term Respite Care
The Anaya Partnership can step in to provide short-term respite care (2 to 5 days) for youth who are involved in family conflict and may have to temporarily leave their homes. Respite allows both the family and young person a cooling-off period so they can think through problems and make good decisions. Respite is provided in therapeutic foster homes or Youth Villages emergency shelter.

Contact Info:
To refer a child or family to the Anaya Partnership, contact:

Susan Deason, Project Manager
phone: (901) 320-6164
fax: (901) 320-6101

Lee Moten, Jr., Community Relations Manager
phone: (901) 320-6107
fax: (901) 320-6101

Referral Process:

  • Families and/or youth should be notified of the availability of Anaya Partnership services by the referring agency.
  • An assessment will be completed on all referrals to determine appropriate service and level of intensity.
  • Assessments can be completed with representatives of the referring agency present.
  • Counselors will remain in contact with referring agency staff on a regular basis throughout course of treatment.