Re-Education of Emotionally Disturbed (Re-ED) Youth

A component of the intensive mental health treatment provided on Youth Villages’ Residential Treatment campuses, the Re-Education of Emotionally Disturbed (Re-ED) Youth therapy model includes a structured routine to help children settle into a regulated lifestyle with clearly set expectations and a system of rewards and consequences. Emphasizing accomplishments and competence-building activities, Re-ED reinforces positive behavior changes and allows children to build trusting relationships with their counselors, teachers and other adults.

Using Re-ED principles, Youth Villages teaches children:

  • Live life now, not in the past.
  • Trust between children and adults is essential.
  • Be good at something; competence makes a difference.
  • Time is an ally.
  • Self-control can be taught.
  • Intelligence can be taught.
  • Feelings should be nurtured, shared spontaneously, controlled when necessary, expressed when too long repressed and shared with trusted others.
  • The group is very important.
  • Ceremony and ritual give order, stability and confidence.
  • The body is the armature of the self.
  • Communities are important.
  • A child should know some joy in each day.