Careers FAQ

Q: Do you have any part-time positions available?
A: The majority of our positions are full-time although we occasionally offer part-time positions. All of our open positions are listed on the website and change daily. If you have a Master’s degree in the social services field, our Crisis programs do offer PRN opportunities.
Q: What jobs are currently available?
A: Click here to search or browse open positions.
Q: When can I resubmit my application?
A: You can resubmit your application for the same position after 90 days.
Q: Can I fax or email my resume?
A: We do not accept resumes via email, fax, or in-person. Please submit an online application in order for your information to be considered.
Q: What can I expect after submitting my application?
A: All applicants will receive an email confirmation after successfully submitting an employment application through the Youth Villages career site. You will hear back from a recruiter or hiring manager by email or phone if chosen to move forward with the interview process.  If not selected, you will receive an email notification.
Q: What is a typical day in the life of a Youth Villages employee?
A: Since Youth Villages offers so many programs, and we are working with at risk youth and their families, there is no predictable day. Visit our Program Opportunities page to learn a little more about the type of career paths available. Be sure to visit our Careers Blog for leadership profiles, career advice and more.
Q: What training will I receive if hired?
A: All employees will complete a week-long Orientation for new hires followed by on-the-job training and shadowing. The length of training and its content depends on the location, program, and employee’s responsibilities.
Q: What benefits does Youth Villages have to offer?
A: You can visit our benefits page to learn more.
Q: Does Youth Villages offer internships?
A: Yes, current students may be considered for an internship if entering their junior or senior year of an undergraduate program, are enrolled in a graduate student, or are at least 21 years of age. All interns will be subject to a series of background screening. Internships are primarily reserved for social services or recreational therapy majors, although we occasionally place interns with other backgrounds.
Q: Are internships paid?
A: Summer internships are paid for a 10-week program. Fall and spring internships are unpaid and for class credit or experience only.
Q: Is intern housing provided?
A: Summer interns in Memphis and Linden can take advantage of affordable housing options available to them through our community partners. These local housing options are not required but can be a convenient option for out-of-town students. More information is provided during the interview process as well as upon acceptance into the program.
Q: Will I receive training before I begin the internship?
A: All interns will participate in an Orientation for new hires. Interns will also receive additional training before working in any of programs. The length of training and its content depends on the location, program, and student responsibilities.