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Bill’s Place

Bill's Place

The construction of Bill’s Place continues, adding 97,000 square feet of space to the Boys Center for Intensive Residential Treatment.

Bill’s place is dedicated to William “Bill” and Marjorie Lawler, the parents of Youth Villages CEO Patrick Lawler. This new space recognizes the legacy of Patrick Lawler’s father Bill, while increasing our service capacity and improving outcomes for both our community’s and our nation’s most vulnerable youth. With this facility and the use of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach, we are changing the way we treat young people. By doing so, we are creating a much brighter future for children with emotional and behavioral issues, including those with a higher need of integrated supported care.


Bill’s Place Contact info:

7410 Memphis Arlington Rd., Memphis, TN 38135
Phone: 901-252-7200   |   Fax: 901-252-7265

Bill’s Place leadership

Stephanie Cole-Farris

Stephanie Cole-Farris

Executive Director - Bill's Place