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We are committed to radically improving outcomes for America’s most vulnerable children and families.

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(Figures represent data gathered in FY19 for all youth served for more than 60 days across all programs)

  • Overall satisfaction with Youth Villages: 92% 92%
  • Youth living at home or independently 1 year after discharge: 86% 86%
  • Youth in school and/or employed 1 year after discharge: 94% 94%
  • Youth reporting no trouble with the law 1 year after discharge: 88% 88%

Youth served in West Tennessee

Youth Villages was formed in 1986 with the merger of two residential campuses in Memphis. We’ve since grown to a national organization serving more than 30,000 children every year.

In West Tennessee, Youth Villages offers our full continuum of programs serving emotionally and behaviorally troubled youth – Intercept, MST, Residential Treatment Programs, Foster Care, LifeSet, Adoption, Mentoring and Specialized Crisis Services.

Residential Campuses:
Bartlett Campus
7410 Memphis-Arlington Rd.
Bartlett, TN 38135
Phone: 901-252-7800
Fax: 901-252-7880
Campus School: 901-252-7749
Campus School Fax: 901-252-7793
Bill's Place

7426 Memphis Arlington Road
Memphis, TN 38135
Phone: 901-252-7980
Fax: 901-252-7990

Rose Center for Girls
7386 Memphis Arlington Road
Bartlett, TN 38135
Phone: 901-252-2900
Fax: 901-252-2901
Dogwood Campus
2890 Bekemeyer Drive
Arlington, TN 38002
Phone: 901-252-7200
Fax: 901-252-7280
Campus School Phone: 901-252-7250
Campus School Fax: 901-252-7265
Group Homes
The Memphis area is home to several group homes designed to serve transition teens who have completed residential treatment back into the community. Learn more about our Group Homes.
Memphis Offices:
Operations Center/National Headquarters
3320 Brother Blvd
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: 901-251-5000
Fax: 901-251-5001
Shelby Oaks Office
Programs: Intercept, MST, Foster Care, LifeSet, Adoption, Specialized Crisis Services & Mentoring

5515 Shelby Oaks Drive
Memphis, TN 38134
Phone: 901-252-7600
Fax: 901-252-7680

West Tennessee Offices:
Programs: Intercept, MST, Foster Care, LifeSet, Adoption, Specialized Crisis Services & Mentoring

24 Weatherford Square
Jackson, TN 38305
Phone: 731-660-6760
Fax: 731-661-9152

Programs: Intercept, MST, Foster Care, LifeSet, Adoption, Specialized Crisis Services & Mentoring

1865 US Hwy 51 Byp N.
Dyersburg, TN 38024
Phone: 731-288-4600
Fax: 731-288-4650

Programs: Intercept, MST, Foster Care, LifeSet, Adoption, Specialized Crisis Services & Mentoring

412 Tyson Avenue
Paris, TN 38242
Phone: 731-641-4141
Fax: 731-641-4180

318 College Street
Dickson, TN 37055
Foster Care
Informational Sessions

Thursday, December 10th at 6 p.m. via Adobe Connect
Saturday, December 12th at 10 a.m. via Adobe Connect

Please contact a Trainer/Recruiter for more details at 901-252-7723, Portia.williams@youthvillages.org or 901-736-2145, Tiffany.lane@youthvillages.org.

Rural West

For more information contact:
Esther Hugueley at Esther.Hugueley@youthvillages.org or 731-288-4613.

For more information contact Kerry.Zeiss@youthvillages.org or 731-641-4148.

For more information contact:
Donna Goodman at Donna.Goodman@youthvillages.org or 731-660-6760.