COVID-19 Response

Dear Friends and Supporters of Youth Villages Oregon,

Being the force for families is a 24/7, 365-day per year mission. Right now, our mission is being tested to respond to the critical needs of the children, families and young people we work with AND keep everyone, including our staff, safe during these uncertain times.

You are a critical part of helping families. In addition to steps you are already taking to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, you can take quick action to help the highly vulnerable youth and families we serve by making a gift now.

Like many other nonprofits, Youth Villages has canceled any events planned for spring, including our annual KiteTales event scheduled for May 6. I will miss seeing you in person at our event, and I am disappointed to miss meeting the friends and connections you planned to bring to our gathering. Please understand these fundraising activities are essential to our ability to reach the youth and families we serve.

In times of crisis, community togetherness is incredibly important. If I can be brave enough to share the silver lining I’m seeing today – it’s simply that our community has come together in an amazing way, despite quarantines, closures and cancelations.

I am cautiously optimistic that the togetherness we’re experiencing right now, in isolation, will lead to building community and connections that will redefine our priorities in a beautiful way.

Please stay safe, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, comments or concerns about families we’re working with, staff who are serving them, or our continued fundraising and awareness efforts.


Andrew Grover
Executive Director
Youth Villages Oregon
Andrew Grover - Executive Director - Oregon