Andrew Grover, Executive Director – Oregon

Andrew Grover

Executive Director – Oregon

Andrew Grover began his pursuit of excellence in social services as a child. Having come from a troubled home he saw life on the street, in residential programs, foster care, and juvenile corrections. At an early age he decided to dedicate his career to helping other kids like himself. That journey began working directly with troubled youth and families in residential and in-home settings.

After enjoying the work for many years, he directed his attention to nonprofit management with a particular emphasis on system development and reform, strategic planning, advocacy, and information management. He is a recognized leader in system design and evaluation and played a key role in supporting one of the largest nonprofit mergers in Oregon’s history.

Andrew received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a Masters in Public Health from Portland State University.

He lives just outside Portland Oregon with his wife, Autumn, and their three children. In his free time, he enjoys camping, hiking, bicycling, and slack lining. Andrew is also an avid woodworker and is slowly (but surely) building all of the furniture in his home.