Day Foundation Legacy Grant – Potential Story Angles

  • Foster kids enter adulthood at a distinct disadvantage from their peers. Multiple studies have demonstrated that, compared with the general population in their age group, young adults who were in the system are much more likely to become homeless, incarcerated, have unwanted pregnancies and be underemployed or unemployed. The Youth Villages transitional living program works with this vulnerable population to assist young adults to make a more successful entrance to independent adulthood – finding housing and health services, accessing transportation and child care, budgeting, healthy and cost-effective menu planning, setting educational and career goals, developing interview skills, etc.
  • How do we help vulnerable populations like this when state and federal budgets are under siege? Clarence Day believed in public/private partnerships. His gifts to Youth Villages in his lifetime helped begin a unique transitional living program for former foster children and expand it to more states. His legacy will sustain the program and help it expand further.   
  • Clarence Day and his creative philanthropy with Youth Villages is highlighted in Give Smart: Philanthropy That Gets Results” by Thomas J. Tierney and Joel L. Fleishman.
  • Young people participating in the TL program in any of our Southeast states. We have a group of transitional living participants from across the country in Memphis today meeting with CEO Patrick Lawler and participating in our YV Scholars program. We’re already helping 11 young people in Atlanta through The Day Foundation’s previous gifts.