Leah loves dancing, singing, drumming, and cheerleading. She loves being creative and decorating. Leah does well at school. Leah describes herself as a “girly girl” as she loves getting her hair and nails done, taking pictures, and shopping. Leah loves chocolate when she is having a rough day. Leah’s best personality trait is her empathy for others. Family is important to. Leah has a variety of interests for the future and has discussed being a plastic surgeon, a singer, or an interior decorator. She knows for sure that she would like to obtain her driver’s license and graduate from high school and attend college.

Leah would like to have a home without a male role model in the home. She would like a home with pets. Leah needs a lot of attention and will need to be the only child in the home. She needs a home that is able to cope with her emotional needs and past trauma.

Adoption Specialist:
Laurie Cross