Kyle is a kind, friendly child with a quiet, easygoing personality. He is creative, imaginative and likes to create things with his hands. Kyle enjoys playing computer games such as Plants versus Zombies and likes to exercise as well. Kyle’s interests include playing with action figures (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Wars) and watching movies like the Harry Potter series. One of Kyle’s favorite activities is listening to music and he loves to show off his dance moves!
Kyle would thrive in a family who can provide him with the love, support, and attention that he deserves. Kyle has experienced loss in his life and wants to find his forever family. He needs a family that can provide him with encouragement and will listen to him when he is feeling down. Kyle’s forever family will need to provide clear expectations and be able to listen to him and show understanding. Kyle is willing to share a home with children of any age and pets.

Adoption Specialist:
Melinda Wilbanks