MEET Johnathan


Johnathan is short in stature but very strong. Johnathan loves to watch television and movies, playing basketball, playing with toys, swimming, using kindle and coloring. He is a picky eater but has his favorites and becoming more adventurous lately. Johnathan likes pizza, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, hamburgers, baked potatoes, grilled cheese and spaghetti. Johnathan also loves junk food.

Others would describe Johnathan as very helpful with a great sense of humor. It takes a while for Johnathan to build trust. Johnathan makes friends relatively but at a surface level. Johnathan loves a routine but is flexible. Johnathan loves family time.

Johnathan will benefit from a forever home that will provide a safe, family oriented and loving environment. Johnathan is in need of a family who is patient and willing to advocate when needed.

Adoption Specialist:
Annette Israel