MEET Jessica


Jessica is a high energy, talkative, young lady who is looking forward to new adventures. She likes to play with her dolls and to have real tea parties as she discusses her outlook on the future. Jessica likes to talk about future expectations of wanting to be a part of a dance class and learning gymnastics. Jessica enjoys one on one attention to learn how to do handstands, cartwheels, and just spending time with others. Jessica is a “girly girl” who likes to dress up and wear the latest fashions. Jessica loves the movie Frozen and likes to sing the songs from the movie. Her favorite thing is wanting to be a princess with a magic wand.

Jessica’s biggest strengths are leadership, as she is learning to engage and interact with others. She is at her best when she is being helpful to others. Jessica likes to please and be praised for the things she does well. She likes to be a part of group discussions in the classroom as well as to be the teacher’s helper. She loves the idea of having a best friend and continues to be empathetic to other children who need help.

Adoption Specialist:
PJ Eaton