MEET Jacob

Jacob on bridge
Jacob on bridge

Jacob is an outgoing and mild mannered young man. He loves to laugh and tell jokes. He states he is most happy when he can talk to and make others laugh. Jacob enjoys art and building things. He loves to impress others and will strive to make others happy.

Jacob does well academically and enjoys attending school. He currently has all A’s but would like to strengthen his reading and spelling. His hobbies include drawing, sports, music, and outdoor fun. He has an interest in architecture and wishes to pursue it in the future. His favorite movie is “A Dog’s Journey”.

Jacob prefers a two-parent home with no children. He prefers pets in the home but not required. Jacobs prefers to have relationships with trustworthy people. Jacob will need a parent that has a calm personality and allows him to express his feelings and thoughts. He would be most successful with a family that introduces him to new things and encourages him to participate in extracurricular activities.

Adoption Specialist:
Melinda Wilbanks