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Programs & Services

Residential Programs

Individual treatment in a safe and supportive environment.

Foster Care

Foster a little hope.


Finding forever families.

Community Based Services

Keeping families together.


Nurturing potential, one friendship at a time.


Giving young people the right tools for adulthood.

Crisis Services

Providing crisis counselors 24/7.

Residential Programs

Individual treatment in a safe and supportive environment.

Foster Care

Foster a little hope.


Finding forever families.

Community Based Services

Keeping families together.


Nurturing potential, one friendship at a time.


Giving young people the right tools for adulthood.

Crisis Services

Providing crisis counselors 24/7.

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Do you share our passion for helping children and families live successfully?

Whether you are a licensed counselor, a recent graduate, a professional with experience working with troubled youth, or you’re a current youth mental health counselor, we’ve got a place for you.

Janie’s Fund is a partnership created by Steven Tyler with Youth Villages, to bring hope and healing for many of our most vulnerable girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect.

Youth Villages Stories

A community that cares

In 2019, the Anne E. Casey Foundation reported that 15% of children in Massachusetts…

Youth Villages of Massachusetts receives $50,000 from local asset management firm, CREF

More than 800 young adults age out of foster care in Massachusetts each year…

Finding My North Star: My journey from foster care to success

Dear 17-year-old Elina, At this time in your life, you are angry and sad, and things…

Justin checks off big goals as he moves toward independence

A participant in the Pressley Ridge LifeSet program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Justin was turning 21 this year…

6 questions about LifeSet

LifeSet has been part of the service array in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, for four years.

Ellen Bermudez​: Service and compassion

Ellen Bermudez has a soft spot for the underdog and those she suspects may not get “a fair shake” in life…

Hannah finds her way

During Parent’s Weekend in her freshman year of college, Hannah attempted suicide…

Valaquez: the tools to overcome any obstacle

If you had to sum him up in one word, you’d say that Valaquez is confident. It’s obvious…

Erica Ellis joins Youth Villages as North Carolina Director of Development

With more than a dozen years of experience in fundraising, Erica Ellis joined Youth Villages as the North Carolina Development Director this past May…

Sarah’s Story: Moving Beyond the Obstacles

Sometimes challenges and obstacles are more than parents and children can handle.

Success Story: The LifeSet difference for Karina

When Karina met with her LifeSet specialist for the first time, she shared big goals for her future.

Donor Spotlight: Ryan, Shannon and Cooper Millen

Tennessee natives, Ryan and Shannon Millen, have been long-time supporters of Youth Villages.

Congrats to the 2021 Graduates!

Youth Villages of Middle Tennessee is celebrating an astonishing 89 graduations across the region

From the Front: Intercept Specialist Nathalia Nunez

Any Youth Villages staff who’s worked on the frontlines knows they should go into each new relationship with an open mind but be curious and skeptical.

Pride Month can be tough for LGBTQ+ youth

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a time to recognize the efforts to achieve equality and celebrate inclusion for our LGBTQ+ neighbors…

Cortez Ingram: Building relationships that heal In Youth Villages’ residential programs

They call Cortez Ingram “the child whisperer.” At the Bill’s Place Campus…

Fostering was a calling

Sometimes, a lot of factors have to align for fostering and adoption to be successful.

Embracing the change

For newly certified foster parents Travis and Michael VaZant, fostering was on their minds for a long time…

Fostering ‘made our family’

Erin and Robert Spivey first thought about becoming foster parents after meeting a teenage girl in foster care…

Becoming a Successful Parent – Maddie’s Story

At 16 years old, Maddie gave birth to a baby boy. She was living in a small apartment…

The Kids Need Love

When they set out to foster one child, Angela and Kevin Grant never expected…

Youth Villages – Inner Harbour campus: Month of the Military Child

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child (MOMC), a time to honor…

What to know about sexual assault

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought us many changes: changes in the way we do business…

Family of Five Benefits from Youth Villages’ Intercept Program

Michael, Jr., a 13-year-old from Oklahoma, his parents and his siblings successfully…

At 5, Lance learns skills to control his behavior

Lance’s problems began early. By the time he was 5, the little boy had been asked to leave two school programs..

Welcome new Youth Villages Oregon leadership

Meet Oregon’s newest board members..

The road to being a successful parent – Natalie’s Story

Every parent wants their children to grow up and do amazing things with their lives…

Using Residential Therapy to Change Behaviors

For 15-year-old Mashiyah and her family, the journey to the residential program with Youth Villages in Georgia was lengthy and frustrating…

At 17, Gloria overcomes tragedy with the help of Youth Villages’ Intercept

Many children enter foster care because of a lack of support in a time of family crisis. Youth Villages’ intensive in-home services program, Intercept, provides support…

Julia beats the odds

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million…

Human Trafficking: It’s Closer Than We Think

It is estimated that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally…

New York Foundling’s LifeSet program supports Crystal as she reaches toward her parenting, education goals

Crystal overcame challenge after challenge growing up. She was in foster care, a strained adoption…

Oklahoma Intercept: We Can Go Far When We Work as a Team

Everyone will eventually go through rough times in their lives. Life throws curveballs, inevitably…

When it comes to adoption, flexibility is key

The journey to adoption is sometimes a long and winding road. Such was the case for MacKenely…

Missing Puzzle Piece – Jakayla’s story

Sometimes, challenges and obstacles are more than parents and children can handle. That was the situation Kamera and her teenage daughter

What is Youth Villages doing concerning COVID-19?

Youth Villages is carefully monitoring the developments around Novel COVID-19…

Mentoring amid COVID

Mentors make a powerful difference in the lives of the children served by Youth Villages. The COVID-19 pandemic had a substantial impact on almost every industry and profession

LifeSet participants visit Tenn. DCS Commissioner and meet Gov. Lee

Six young people participating in LifeSet in middle Tennessee met with Commissioner Jennifer Nichols and Mohamed El-Kaissy, assistant commissioner of Finance/Budget…

This is Our Calling

Andy and Debbie Watts have fostered children for years, both together as a married couple and before they were married.

Four generations of adopting

The Jewett-Winter family has a long history of adoption. Pam herself was adopted by her parents, and her mom also was adopted.

Learning to be Patient – Neal Family

For Middle Tennessee-based Jaywanna Neal, fostering is second nature. Growing up, her mom opened her home to foster children.

Arkansas Intercept Success Story

Sometimes life throws so many challenges and obstacles at a family that both the parents and kids feel like they have nowhere to turn.

Finding her voice – Akeila’s story

At the age of five, Akelia Keller had developmental delays and was working through the trauma of being abandoned in infancy. However, she eventually found her forever home with Sheila Keller of Augusta.

Job Prep Workshop Helps Young Adults Prepare for Successful Future

Each year, approximately 20,000 young adults across the country turn 18 while in foster care. They are preparing to leave foster care – alone – and statistics tell us that doesn’t usually end well, with many experiencing incarceration, homelessness and unemployment.

Volunteer Spotlight

Middle Tennessee group homes receive large amount of support from local businesses and community.

Middle Tennessee COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 forced Youth Villages to make quick changes to programming in early March, but we’re continuing to meet the needs of our group home residents, children, families and young people during the pandemic.

Nashville Film Festival

For the fourth year in a row, Youth Villages is partnering with the Nashville Film Festival for the Livin’ Reel project. Livin’ Reel connects local artists with at-risk youth to create an original piece of art. The project will premiere during this year’s virtual festival from October 1-7, 2020.

Tristan’s Story – LifeSet Spotlight

Tristan, 20, entered DCS custody when he was 14 years old. “I got caught up in a lot of stuff I was not supposed to,” Tristan said. “I think that’s common for kids who grew up like I did. You have to do whatever it takes to get by.”

Mary Ann’s Journey

It would have been easy for Mary Ann to fail. Raised in an environment of substance abuse and violence, Mary Ann began using drugs at the early age of 8.

I Have Breast Cancer: How Do I Tell My Children?

As a caregiver, your first instinct is to protect your child from being upset, scared or hurt. That’s a perfectly reasonable mindset. But how do you hold it together when you’re the one who’s facing all of these emotions after a recent diagnosis of breast cancer? Dr. Rebekah Lemmons provides tips to caregivers to help you both through this journey.

Through LifeSet and YVScholars, Zoe builds his future

Young people who turn 18 in foster care are resilient and want to become successful adults. Zoe, entered state custody at 14 years old and moved around a lot before “aging out.”
“I never really unpacked my clothing because I moved so much. I kept it in whatever bag I could find,” he says.

Finding Independence: Chris’s Story

Every year, the Youth Villages LifeSet program helps more than 4,000 young people across the county navigate challenges as they reach adulthood. These young people are resilient and capable…

Bipartisan bill introduced to fund relief for transition-age youth

Ary and other LifeSet participants shared their COVID-19 experiences with congressional representatives to advocate for targeted relief for older foster youth during the crisis and its recovery.

Youth Voice: Young people drive positive change to foster care policy in Louisiana

When the Louisiana Legislature convened on March 9, one item on the table for consideration during the three-month session was a Bill of Rights for children and youth in the state’s foster care system…

Amani’s LifeSet Story

Annually, 20,000 youth age out of foster care, and they are often left with little to no resources to transition successfully into adulthood. LifeSet™, an evidence-informed program model developed by Youth Villages, is the bridge from foster care to successful adulthood for thousands of transition-age youth across the country.

How does it feel to “age out” of foster care?

Every year, approximately 20,000 young people turn 18 in child welfare systems without ever being reunited with their biological family. Ary, a young woman receiving help in Youth Villages Oklahoma’s LifeSet program experienced the ups and downs of that big birthday.

Honoring Two National Board Members

We are honored to recognize two members of Youth Villages’ national board of directors, retiring from national board governance this past June.

Father weathers the storm of turmoil to grow closer to children

Juan’s responsibilities were too much. Left to care for four children after their mother left the family and discontinued visitation, he needed support.

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Every day, millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition. In many communities, these problems are increased by less access to care, cultural stigma and lower quality care. Anyone can experience the challenges of mental illness regardless of their background. But, one’s cultural background or identity can make access to mental health treatment much more difficult. July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and Youth Villages Clinical Consultant Brittany Jones discusses the unique challenges facing minority groups when it comes to their mental health.

Red Kite Society inducts two new members

This year Youth Villages of Middle Tennessee will induct two new members into the Red Kite Society; The Joe C. Davis Foundation and the Marlene and Spencer Hays Foundation. The Joe C. Davis Foundation has been a longtime supporter of the LifeSet program and has provided hundreds of young people with basic necessities and other resources to be successful.

Middle Tennessee Volunteer Spotlight

When COVID-19 forced everyone to make dramatic changes and in-person activities were suspended, Youth Villages’ volunteers remained committed to helping in any way they could. With the help of our established Friend In Need volunteer group, former Backpack Heroes and Holiday Heroes, and current group home volunteers, staff was able to immediately jump into action.

Graduation and LifeSet Spotlight

This year, a record number of 117 Middle Tennessee young men and women in Youth Villages’ LifeSet program graduated from either high school or college. This is a 30-graduate increase over last year! One shining example of the youth who have graduated is Hailey B.

New Priorities: Ian’s story

Stealing, drugs, truancy, no father growing up… Ian was headed in the wrong direction fast. With his life spiraling out of control, he was referred to Youth Villages’ MST-EA program.

How to support LGBTQ youth

June is Pride month, a time designated to celebrate the contributions of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) members of our community. Focusing on inclusion and support at home is critical for all children and adolescents but especially for those who identify as LGBTQ. One of our core values at Youth Villages reflects the importance of a supportive household: Children are raised best by their families. When at all possible, LGBTQ children belong with their families.

Lacoyah overcomes poor choices and adversity

Lacoyah was under the influence of drugs and out of control. Her reckless behavior and bad judgment left her ill-equipped to care for herself and future.

Parental anxiety and COVID-19

The consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak are being felt around the world. For many parents, this means having to cope with disrupted education, family illness, loss of household income and much more. Youth Villages clinical consultant Dr. Rebekah Lemmons provides information and tips to parents that may experience anxiety and fear.

5 Self-Care Tips to Protect your Mental Health During this Time

Natasha Bonner, Clinical Supervisor for Youth Villages, discusses five best practices to protect your mental health while dealing with the global pandemic and racial injustices.

A Day in the Life of a Family Intervention Specialist

At Youth Villages, Family Intervention Specialists work closely with youth and families through our Intercept and LifeSet programs. And while no day at Youth Villages is ever the same, Katie Guajardo, a family intervention specialist in our Intercept program, walks us through her typical day.

Talking to Your Children about Racism and Inclusion

Here’s the beautiful thing about children: Most are born with a natural sense of justice and fairness. However, as children develop, they begin to figure out that the color of their skin has more meaning beyond the colors found in a crayon box, and they need caring adults to help them construct a positive sense of self and a respectful understanding of others.

Youth Villages awarded $500,000 grant

Youth Villages is one of 130 local nonprofits to receive grants through Cummings Foundation’s $20 Million Grant Program.

Foster Care Awareness Activities in Middle Tennessee

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. In Tennessee, approximately 8,000 children are in foster care at any given time. With fewer than 4,000 foster families, the need is ever-present; even during COVID-19. National statistics show that a new child is placed into care every two minutes.

LifeSet participant makes masks to help in COVID-19 crisis

Tae’s freshman year in college didn’t go as planned. He was in the middle of the second semester at Johnson & Wales University, studying culinary science, when the COVID-19 crisis began.

Rebuilding during COVID-19

Taylor and Tony Barnes are two Youth Villages employees from Cookeville, Tennessee, who married in August. Taylor is a family intervention specialist, and Tony is a LifeSet specialist. They looked forward to starting their lives together, until they lost everything as devastating tornadoes ripped through Middle Tennessee.

Fast-thinking Youth Villages specialist pulls together emergency resources

When a state of emergency was declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people, understandably, freaked out.

Youth Villages helps young person through a crisis within a crisis

As difficult as the COVID-19 outbreak has been, many young people with unstable home lives have had an even harder time adjusting to the emergency.

Resourceful Youth Villages supervisor comes to families’ aid

“I had a colleague on vacation, and I needed to cover her shift.”

This is where it all started for Amber Harris, a supervisor for Youth Villages in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. One of her families had a potential case of COVID-19, and the mother needed help because she could no longer work.

8 Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy During Social Distancing

The current COVID-19 crisis has left many of us feeling helpless, stuck and uncertain. Please see below for eight tips on self-care and familial support during this trying time…

Partners launch LifeSet™ in Connecticut and Illinois

New partnering agencies and private providers launched the LifeSet™ program in Connecticut and Illinois in the first months of 2020.

The LifeSet™ Difference

Young people who have experienced foster care have so much potential, but without support in their teens and early 20s, they may struggle to transition into adulthood…

Leaving foster care: A needs assessment from Turning Points for Children, a LifeSet™ implementing provider

Youth transitioning out of foster care often face unique challenges compared to their peers; they have needs that aren’t always identified or addressed…

Markese puts his life in overdrive

Markese’s first car is a real fixer upper. As he and his LifeSet specialist look over the 1990s-era Crown Victoria

Youth Villages named Great Place to Work for 2020

Youth Villages has achieved the coveted designation for the third year in a row.

31st annual Youth Villages Soup Sunday slated for Feb. 23 at FedExForum

The Mid-South’s best tasting event, the 31st annual Youth Villages Soup Sunday, will take place Feb. 23 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at FedExForum…

Mid-South woman stepping up to mentor hopeful teen waiting for adoption

 By Arianna Poindexter | WMCTV5 | January 30, 2020 at 6:29 PM CST - Updated January 30 at 6:43 PM  MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - January is National Mentoring Month, a campaign aimed at expanding quality mentoring opportunities. One Mid-South woman is stepping up to make a...

Program works to ‘Intercept’ young people from life of crime

Without the Youth Villages Intercept program, Johnnie Alvarado knows he would have wound up in prison or, worse, dead…

Local nonprofit highlights need for mentors in Memphis for National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month and Youth Villages, a nonprofit that works with at-risk families, is highlighting the need for mentors in the Memphis area.

Steven Tyler celebrated third annual Grammy Awards® viewing party Benefiting Janie’s Fund

  FEATURING HOST TERRY CREWS AND PERFORMANCE BY GAVIN DeGRAW Click HERE and HERE for Photos (Credit: Getty Images) Click HERE for Video (Credit: Getty Video) Exclusive Gala Raised More than $2.4 Million for Janie’s Fund LOS ANGELES, CA (January 27, 2020) – Last night,...

McKinley finds the right path

McKinley used to be a rebellious youth, running away from home and in and out of trouble with the law…

Youth Villages Names Jessica Foster Chief Strategy Officer

The appointment is a promotion from within, as Foster has been with the national children’s mental and behavioral health nonprofit for nearly nine years. First hired to serve in various strategy, business development and policy roles, she quickly moved up the ranks of the organization…

Weathersbee: Can federal money end Memphis’ gang violence? Not if G-A-N-G spells F-A-M-I-L-Y

Strengthening families and giving young people the support they need to move away from gang activity can make a difference in our communities. Special thanks to Commercial Appeal columnist Tonyaa Weathersbee for highlighting this issue and interviewing Youth Villages foster parent Yolanda Tate and clinical consultant Katie Puckett in her story today.

Pat Lawler marks 40 years of serving troubled young people at Youth Villages helm

Youth Villages founder and CEO Pat Lawler is celebrating 40 years of working with children and families, and he’s even more enthused about his work today than at the start.

Memphis-based Youth Villages makes its mark across the nation

From a small, struggling residential treatment center in Memphis to a nationwide organization recognized by the President of the United States, Youth Villages has become a respected leader in treating children with emotional and behavioral issues…

Inaugural Rockin’ for Janie event raises $200,000 to support Youth Villages’ LifeSet Program in Massachusetts

The Youth Villages Massachusetts’ Rockin’ for Janie event, held Oct. 25 in partnership with Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund, raised over $200,000 to support young women

Jessica Foster named chief strategy officer at Youth Villages

Jessica Foster has been named chief strategy officer for Youth Villages, a national children’s mental and behavioral health nonprofit organization…

A Christmas miracle for Laxavier

Driving toward success recently took on a new – and literal – meaning for Laxavier. And it’s all thanks to a “strange” occurrence…

Jaquelyn’s journey to a new beginning

At 16-years-old, Jaquelyn moved to America for a new life, new opportunity, and away from the perils of the country where she was born…

Corporate and Community Partners Provide Valuable Support to Middle Tennessee programs

From backpacks to gardens to fence repair to holiday gifts, Middle Tennessee’s corporate and community supporters made valuable contributions…

Aging out of foster care: Why it happens and how social workers can help

Youth Villages was featured as an expert in the December issue of Social Work Today…

Bill’s Place bringing 200 jobs to Memphis area

Youth Villages’ new expansion, Bill’s Place, was recently featured in two media stories focused on growth and hiring…

LifeSet™ youth speaks at inaugural Rockin’ for Janie event

Making the transition into adulthood is hard for anyone. But for those who turn 18 in foster care, it can be a particularly challenging time of life…

If you had $25 million to give away, who would get it?

Katherina Rosqueta, executive director, Penn’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy mentioned one national nonprofit: Youth Villages…

Youth Villages honors Amy Linthicum with Clarence Day Legacy Award

Memphian and local Crye-Leike realtor Amy Linthicum was recently selected as the recipient of the 2019 Clarence Day Legacy Award at Youth Villages…

The Youth Villages Inner Harbour Campus celebrated 10 years

Serving young people since 1962, the Inner Harbour Campus merged with Youth Villages in 2009, continuing its long-tenured support of children in the greater Atlanta metro area and beyond…

Youth Villages receives $20,000 grant from Evergreen Foundation

Waynesville, N.C. – Youth Villages recently received a $20,000 grant from the Evergreen Foundation in Waynesville. The contribution will support Youth Villages’ LifeSet™ program, which supports young people ages 17-22 who are aging out of foster care in Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon and Swain counties of North Carolina…

YVScholars like Ali show how to ‘defy the odds’

When Ali graduated from college this year, she decorated her cap with a special message. “I chose to put ‘defying the odds’ on my graduation cap because statistically, I shouldn’t have even gone to college, let alone graduate,” Ali said. “But I did both!”

Employee Spotlight: Mallory Jabaay

A fresh graduate from University of Indianapolis in 2016, Mallory Jabaay set her sights on a career that would not only improve the lives of children, but their families, as well. Upon entering the job force, she knew she wanted to be as hands on as possible as she worked to keep families together. That very passion is what led her to Youth Villages. Mallory is a specialist who does most of her work within Youth Villages’ YVIntercept program…

Employee Spotlight: Nicole Amenta

Nicole Amenta is originally from Connecticut. As a specialist of social services, she found her way to Bloomington and set sights on pursuing the ideal career. After searching through multiple service providers, she came in contact with Youth Villages. What attracted her to the organization is its unique approach to care and felt that everyone she came in contact with was warm and welcoming. Nicole has been with the organization in Bloomington for a year and a half now and says she loves it…

Andrea finds hope and a new path through LifeSet

Andrea* was referred to our LifeSet program through a local therapy clinic. Instead of enjoying high school, she was struggling with the death of a parent, intense bullying at school, and severe anxiety attacks. Her school ID card picture was taken the day after she discharged from the clinic and serves as a painful reminder of how bad things had become and how far she had to go to achieve her goals…

BancorpSouth contributes $100,000 to Youth Villages

TUPELO, Miss. September 26 , 2019 – BancorpSouth Bank (NYSE: BXS) today announced a $100,000 contribution to support Youth Villages and its programs that impact the lives of young people in Tupelo, Mississippi and the surrounding areas…

Oregon state senate bills for child welfare reform pass unanimously

After nearly two years of work from the Children & Youth with Specialized Needs Work Group (CYSN), Oregon State Senate Bill 1 and the accompanying Senate Bill 221 passed the legislative assembly with universal support this past session. These legislative efforts include more than $30 million investment in services to support this vulnerable population and a system of care oversight council to assure accountability…

Helping Children Find A Way Home

For many children in Tennessee, a foster home provides a pathway to permanency as they move from out-of-home placements to their biological families or to adoption. In fact, many of our foster parents choose to adopt if a child cannot go home with relatives. Donna...

Dad Steps Up to Provide a Home for Tyanna

Youth Villages’ intensive in-home services program, Intercept, often is used to safely reunite families after children have experienced foster care. This is so important because children need stability to have their best chance at long-term success…

Malik’s behavior change puts him center stage

Malik, 9, was on stage with other third graders for the ENTIRE school Christmas program last month, He marched up the bleachers with his class. Stood in the right place. Sang all the songs. He followed all the directions… For most parents, good behavior during a...

For Charlie, success is putting one foot in front of the other

Charlie was 17 years old when he began services with Youth Villages. Although he was only a teenager, the responsibilities of adulthood weighed heavily on his shoulders. "Charlie was completely overwhelmed when he showed up at Inner Harbour," said Lecretia Franklin,...

Youth Villages opens funding opportunity for transition-age foster youth services

Youth Villages is opening a third round of philanthropic funding designed to help public agencies around the country expand services to transition-age foster youth. Up to $3 million per jurisdiction will be available through the national nonprofit organization in a...

Reforms in Tennessee child welfare system ripple across the nation

Youth Villages is striving to transform child welfare systems across the country to bring more effective services to children, families and young people. Cindy Walker writes down phone numbers of apartments for Terrineka Maxwell, right, to check out. On the sofa is...

Youth Villages honors late board member, business titan and local philanthropist Michael D. Rose

Youth Villages honors late board member, business titan and local philanthropist Michael D. Rose. Michael D. Rose - Late board member and local philanthropistIn a ceremony held April 2, the Girls Center for Intensive Residential Treatment was renamed the Rose Center...

Deanna’s life turns around

Deanna, 15, didn’t want to go to school. Finally, all the unexcused absences added up to truancy charges, and the probation office in Jasper, Indiana, assigned Youth Villages’ Intercept intensive in-home services program to help. Upon arrival for the first home...

Kromer appointed to Tennessee’s Juvenile Justice Reform Implementation Council

Youth Villages Tennessee Executive Director Charmaine Kromer was appointed by former Gov. Bill Haslam to serve on the 18-person Juvenile Justice Reform Implementation Council. Haslam, on his last day in office, also appointed government officials, lawyers and law...