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YVLifeSet: The Gift of a Good Start

Sometimes the first steps are the most critical. 

At the edge of adulthood, choices about education, employment, relationships and health can be overwhelming. YVLifeSet is a proven method for helping young adults get it right. Since 1999, YVLifeSet has helped provide the most vulnerable young people with the support they need to realize their own amazing potential. 

YVLifeSet has been refined and tested and refined some more, but it all begins with one simple tenet:

We believe in the potential of every single kid to become an incredible adult.


A successful transition to adulthood includes maintaining stable and suitable housing, remaining free from legal involvement, participating in an educational/vocational program and developing the life skills necessary to become a responsible citizen. Youth Villages’ YVLifeSet program works not only with former foster youth and other vulnerable young people but also with their support systems to help ensure a more successful transition. 

These kids can do it. We know this. It’s up to us to step up and make sure that every kid has the opportunity to Get Ready. Get Set. For Life.

YVLifeSet is part of the largest rigorous random assignment controlled study of a program to help former foster youth every conducted. MDRC has found that YVLifeSet is one of the only programs that improves multiple outcomes for youth aging out of foster care and juvenile justice. Three reports on the program now are available. Read about the full project at Guided by the research, Youth Villages is continually enhancing the program to improve outcomes and will be conducting further research to test program effectiveness.

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Youth Villages is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families live successfully. We help more than 22,000 children and families each year from across the country. Our Evidentiary Family Restoration® approach involves intensive work with the child and family, a focus on measuring outcomes, keeping children in the community whenever safely possible, and providing accountability to families and funders. The EFR approach produces lasting success for children with success rates twice that of traditional services at one-third the cost of traditional care.
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