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Specialized Crisis Services

Youth Villages Specialized Crisis Services

Specially trained crisis counselors are available 24 hours a day to respond to crises rapidly and effectively, wherever they occur in Tennessee.

Throughout the state of Tennessee, the Youth Villages Specialized Crisis Services staff provides assessment and evaluation of children and youth, up to age 18, who are experiencing a psychiatric emergency.

Begun in June 2003, the program employs more than 80 staff working from 13 Youth Villages offices and satellite locations statewide. These locations are strategically located to provide faster response times for calls that require face-to-face crisis assessments.

  Knoxville region: 866-791-9224
  Southeast TN region: 866-791-9225
  Upper Cumberland region: 866-791-9223
  North Middle TN region: 866-791-9221
  South Middle TN region: 866-791-9222
  Rural West TN region: 866-791-9227
  Memphis region: 866-791-9226
  Northeast TN region: 866-791-9228

When do I Call Specialized Crisis Services?
Call for psychiatric emergencies when a child or adolescent:

  • Expresses serious suicidal or homicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Experiences severe depression
  • Exhibits bizarre behavior, disorientation, confusion or hallucinations
  • Acts in a destructive manner or is otherwise out of control

Always call when psychiatric hospitalization is being considered.

About Us
Youth Villages is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families live successfully. We help more than 22,000 children and families each year from more than 20 states and Washington, D.C. Our Evidentiary Family Restoration™ approach involves intensive work with the child and family, a focus on measuring outcomes, keeping children in the community whenever safely possible, and providing accountability to families and funders. The EFR approach produces lasting success for children with success rates twice that of traditional services at one-third the cost of traditional care.
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