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Boys Center Treatment

The Youth Villages Boys Center for Intensive Residential Treatment provides a closely supervised environment to treat children and youth who suffer from the most serious emotional and behavioral problems, such as suicidal or self-harming conditions, psychotic symptoms, sexual behavior problems and behavioral issues complicated by chronic medical problems.

Treatment components include:

  • Comprehensive child and family evaluation.
  • 24-hour nursing care and close supervision by a child-and-adolescent psychiatrist.
  • Group, individual, and family therapy with master's-level counselors and licensed mental health professionals.
  • A highly structured environment with small groups of children focused on specific treatment needs.
  • A 3:1 staff ratio, with staff specifically trained and assigned based on each child's needs.
  • Children attend school at the center with curriculum modified according to the educational needs of each child.
  • Related therapies -- speech, language, vocational, recreational -- are provided.

 The center offers:

  • Immediate access. The center's design, four separate courtyards with a total of 62 beds, allows for flexible admission of both boys and girls between ages 8 and 17. The center accepts admissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Help for children and youth with intensive needs. The center is designed to help young people who suffer from the most challenging behaviors such as: Suicidal and self-harming behaviors; aggressive behaviors that are the result of severe emotional problems; chronic runaway behaviors with high risk of harm to self or others; psychotic symptoms and behaviors; sexual behavior problems; and behavioral issues with co-occurring medical problems.
  • A central role for families. At the center, families are supported in making changes that will ensure long-term success for the child and family at home. When possible, children will be returned home quickly with intensive in-home services.

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Although admission requirements vary based on the individual program, primarily, we treat hard-to-help, hard-to-place children who have emotional and behavioral problems plus co-occurring medical issues and failed at numerous other programs.

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Youth Villages is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families live successfully. We help more than 22,000 children and families each year from across the country. Our Evidentiary Family Restoration® approach involves intensive work with the child and family, a focus on measuring outcomes, keeping children in the community whenever safely possible, and providing accountability to families and funders. The EFR approach produces lasting success for children with success rates twice that of traditional services at one-third the cost of traditional care.
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