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Youth Villages’ YVLifeSet program is one of the largest in the country
  helping former foster and transition-age youth become successful, independent adults. It is one of the only programs to show positive impacts in many areas of a young person’s life in a large randomized controlled trial.

Youth Villages, through funding from Blue Meridian Partners, is committed to making comprehensive services available to each of the 23,000 young people who age out of foster care in the United States by 2026.

We are expanding YVLifeSet through direct service in states and through partnerships with innovative agencies and high-performing nonprofit organizations across the country. In select locations, we train and support providers who offer YVLifeSet to young people in their communities. The network of providers enables Youth Villages to share best practices and collectively advocate for federal funding to support these young people. For more information about becoming a partner, email: strategic.partnerships@youthvillages.org

Youth Villages offers YVLifeSet through direct services in Georgia, Oklahoma, Oregon, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The program is provided through partnerships in New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington.


YVLifeSet is part of the largest rigorous random assignment controlled study of a program to help former foster youth every conducted. MDRC has found that YVLifeSet is one of the only programs that improves multiple outcomes for youth aging out of foster care and juvenile justice. Three reports on the program now are available. Read about the full project at MDRC.org. Guided by the research, Youth Villages is continually enhancing the program to improve outcomes and will be conducting further research to test program effectiveness.

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Youth Villages is a national leader in children’s mental and behavioral health bringing help and hope to more than 25,000 children, families and young people across the United States this year. The organization offers a continuum of evidence- and research-based programs, including its two national models: YVIntercept, which offers intensive in-home services, and YVLifeSet, which gives former foster youth a good start on a successful adulthood.
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