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Residential Treatment

The Youth Villages-Germaine Lawrence Campus is New England’s leading provider of residential treatment services for at-risk adolescent girls.

Our campus staff is uniquely trained in serving even seriously troubled girls, with the goal of helping them return home with their families as quickly as possible, whenever possible. Clinical services are based on evidence- and research-backed treatment models to provide your daughter with the best, most effective treatment options. Read more about our clinical services.

Our residential program provides the following services:

Residential treatment
Sometimes, girls with emotional and behavioral issues are not able to safely remain in the community and need stays of varying lengths in a residential program that specializes in helping troubled girls.

The Youth Villages-Germaine Lawrence Campus residential treatment program provides girls with intensive treatment in a nurturing therapeutic environment. Girls in our residential program live on campus and attend our campus school. They eat meals on campus and participate in a wide variety of after-school activities provided by our campus staff. Girls who progress in their treatment may earn off-campus privileges, start attending school in the community, go on home visits or move back home and continue attending our day school, depending on their unique needs and situation.

Family is crucial for the girls in our residential program, and our campus provides family therapy in addition to individual and group therapy. Family members are encouraged to visit girls often.

Learn more about life on our campus, our clinical services and the treatment approaches we use.   

Therapeutic campus school
Our campus school provides an accredited curriculum taught in a therapeutic environment. Learn more about education at the Youth Villages-Germaine Lawrence Campus.

Intensive Group Home
Some girls who come to our campus for help need the structured and therapeutic living environment we provide, with 24/7 access to clinical staff, but are able to attend public school in the community. 

Community-Based Acute Treatment (CBAT)

When a girl is at risk of being hospitalized or would otherwise be hospitalized, Community-Based Acute Treatment offers a safe and less restrictive alternative for stabilizing the child. Girls who need CBAT generally stay with us for just a few days or weeks for intensive therapy and stabilization in a highly structured and supervised environment before transferring to a program that meets her specific therapeutic needs.  

Our CBAT program provides psychiatric and medical evaluation along with psychopharmacological evaluation and treatment. Therapy includes individual, group and family therapy. Staff work with the girl’s school to coordinate homework and materials covered.

Discharge planning begins at admission to help ensure girls return home and into the community as quickly as possible.  

Assessment program
Girls can come to our campus for a wide range of assessments. Learn more about our assessment services.

Merck Center
Our Merck Center is a private residential treatment center that specializes in helping girls referred to us by their own families. Family involvement is high to help girls return to their families and communities safely and as quickly as possible. Learn more about our Merck Center.  

To make a referral to any of our services, please call Kristin Vander Els at 781-859-1227 or send her an email at

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