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The following journal articles were co-authored by members of the Youth Villages Research Department:

  • Barth, R, Greeson, J, Guo, S, Green, R, Hurley, S, and Sisson, J. (2007). Changes in family functioning and child behavior following intensive in-home therapy. Children and Youth Services Review (29)988-1009. PDF,
  • Greeson, J. K. P., Shenyang Guo, Barth, R. P., Hurley, S., & Sisson, J. (2009). Contributions of Therapist Characteristics and Stability to Intensive In-home Therapy Youth Outcomes. Research on Social Work Practice, 19(2), 239-250. PDF,
  • Barth, R, Greeson, J, Guo, S, Green, R, Hurley, S, and Sisson, J. (2007). Outcomes for youth receiving intensive in-home therapy or residential care:  A comparison using propensity scores. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 77(4):  497-505. PDF, 



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Youth Villages is a national leader in children’s mental and behavioral health bringing help and hope to more than 25,000 children, families and young people across the United States this year. The organization offers a continuum of evidence- and research-based programs, including its two national models: YVIntercept, which offers intensive in-home services, and YVLifeSet, which gives former foster youth a good start on a successful adulthood.
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